Christian Counseling

For many of us, having a healthy family life is a top priority.

Often, our family members are who we hope to be our closest allies, best friends, safety nets.

We rely on them for advice, support, safety, security, encouragement and unconditional love and acceptance. We look to our family members to be there for us when the rest of the world is not.

That’s why emotional turmoil and conflict in the family can be so devastating. A breakdown in family connection can leave you feeling isolated, vulnerable and alone. We can help.

At Sonja Williams and Associates, our therapists are not general therapy practitioners. We are marriage and family therapists, specifically trained to navigate the most complicated relationship dynamics, and to help facilitate healing in your most precious connections. We understand that conflict in family relationships is normal; the key to avoiding crisis, is not to get stuck in the conflict. We can provide a skilled adviser, who can help your family to move through the conflict, and on to the future you all desire.

Christian Counseling Focuses

  • Family of Origin Pain and Conflict
  • Child and Adult Sibling Conflict
  • Adult Child and Parent Conflict

  • Co-Parenting Problems
  • Separated/Divorced Co-Parenting Challenges

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